Orbita Browser

Orbita is an online privacy browser developed by GoLogin. It’s based on Chromium engine with added browser fingerprint management capabilities.

Unlike unmodified Chromium browser, Orbita browser does not send your real PC parameters to Google through Chrome's internal telemetry. Orbita browser is only available within GoLogin.

— The Orbita Team

Release notes

2022/09/08 v.13.0.25

  • Updated personal data protection settings
  • Fixed rendering bug

2022/08/17 v.13.0.5

  • Fixed page not refreshing bug
  • Fixed a bug with authorization Sox proxy
  • Added inscriptions and profile avatars in the browser icon
  • Fixed bug with proxy authorization

2022/07/20 v.13.0.3

  • Orbita on chromium version 103.0.5060.53
  • Code optimization. Increased fast browser action
  • Fixed page not opening error
  • Fixed critical bugs

2022/05/23 v.10.0.16

  • Block STUN query in WebRTC mode altered or disable
  • Append public google safe browsing api key

2022/05/18 v.10.0.15

  • Fix disable always restore last session
  • append safe browser lookup api key
  • Mac fonts masking implementation

2022/05/12 v.10.0.14

  • Mac fonts masking implementation

2022/05/11 v.10.0.13

  • Fixed bug with always opening the default page from gologin settings

2022/05/05 v.10.0.12

  • New feature values added

2022/04/30 v.10.0.11

  • Fixed audio AudioBuffer: unknown frequency pattern (suspected lie)

2022/04/28 v.10.0.10

  • Fixid unkown dimension on getClientRects

2022/04/28 v.10.0.9

  • Fixed canvas-noise-new-algorythm-implemented

2022/04/26 v.10.0.8

  • Fixed problem with getClientsRects
  • Fixed getClientsRects noise implementation

2022/04/24 v.10.0.7

  • new: change webgl noise algorithm

2022/04/22 v.10.0.6

  • Orbita on chromium version 100.0.4896.60
  • Fixeded bug with launching extensions
  • Noise generation algorithm changed (critical for some sites)
  • Fixed bug with selecting real IP addresses in WebRTC connections

2022/03/29 v.9.0.3

  • Orbita on chromium version 99.0.4758.80
  • Fixed bugs

2022/03/09 v.8.0.5

  • Orbita on chromium version 98.0.4758.80
  • Safe browsing mode
  • Fill base on ip for public address (webrtc)
  • Fixed bugs when opening and adding google accounts

2022/02/28 v.7.0.8

  • Orbita on chromium version 97.0.4692.71
  • Improved substitution of webrtc parameters
  • bugs fixes

2022/01/14 v.6.0.3

  • Orbita on chromium version 96.0.4664.45
  • Implemented noise for getBoundingClientRect function
  • Noise off for getBoundingClientRect and getClientRects functions implemented
  • Fixed errors in webgl parameters

2021/12/06 v.5.0.1

  • Orbita browser based on Chromium 95.0.4638.54

2021/09/30 v.4.0.14

  • The profile name is now in the header of the browser;
  • The ability to add to the local ip address of WEBrtc2

2021/09/16 v.4.0.13

  • Disabled by default ChromeLab testing feature

2021/08/31 v.4.0.11

  • Correcting the work of browser extensions for different OS

2021/08/20 v.4.0.9

  • Adding is m1 parameter (userAgenData for Mac M1)

2021/07/16 v.4.0.8

  • Adding fonts for Linux OS

2021/07/05 v.4.0.7

  • Fix for socks 5

2021/06/24 v.4.0.5

  • Fix Sec-CH-UA http heade

2021/06/04 v.4.0.3

  • userAgentData the version from the user-agent is always substituted

2021/06/03 v4.0.2

  • Permission to write third-party cookies; UserAgent data under chrome spec

2021/05/07 v.4.0.1

  • Masking userAgentData data

2021/04/28 v.4.0.0

  • Transition to 90 version of chrome2

2021/04/13 v.3.0.18

  • New version of DNS lookup for Windows OS, bypassing pixelscan parameter in webGL

2021/04/01 v.3.0.16

  • Implementation of DNS lookup for Linux OS.